I was born in Tehran in 1977. As a small child, I used to listen to my older brother’s classical music cassettes which made me familiar with works such as Beethoven’s symphonies or Bach’s Sonata Partitas for solo, etc. In those years, listening to classical music seemed interesting to me in the first few minutes, and understandable, too, as expected from a small child; then, it would lead to my becoming hyperactive and the rest of the story …

In 1989, I started classical violin instruction under Master Shoja-e-din Lashkarloo with my uncle’s violin which was left with us for a while. My mother would say, jokingly, that wasn’t it for this violin left with us, you would have played another instrument! I continued to take my violin classes all through my school and university years. After gaining my diploma in physics-mathematics from high-school, I entered university to study Civil Engineering.
After graduation, I started to pursue my musical activities professionally I came to know Mr. Lashkarloo accidentally through someone whom I cannot remember now. During those years, my mother and I used to commute from Tehran to Karaj.
We had to wait for several hours with other players for our turn to come.
Mr. Lashkarloo taught the violin lesson very passionately, patiently and profoundly as I kept bombarding him with my questions …
Gradually, I became increasingly interested in violin. My early reluctance to sit at violin classes turned into an enthusiasm to arrive much earlier than the class began and remain there long after it had finished as I was eager to learn as much about other players’ problems in playing and the offered solutions, teaching method and the correct playing style as possible.
Once I started learning to play the pieces, the range of the questions my curious mind posed, drastically expanded opening a new window to make me absolutely interested in learning the principles of Violin Fingering.
Having made lots of effort to gain his knowledge with the technological and facility limits he had to cross as a young learner, Mr. Lashkarloo was a master of Violin Fingering. He, however, shared his knowledge with the interested and talented players of whom I was a part.
I believe that Violin Fingering, besides being very attractive and necessary, is very important as one of the most crucial characteristics in the art of playing and interpretation. Therefore, during all these years, I have tried my best to develop my knowledge in these regards and to draw on my personal Fingering knowledge to perform pieces, study, criticise and write about edited works by violinists and to teach the principles of this science.
Since 2000, I have been teaching violin in university and Tehran Music Institutes to gain experience. Ever since, I have sought to improve my students’ playing style and teach them violin playing standards.
Once HarmonyTalk.com (online music journal) was launched in 2004, I started writing articles on music for this website. I set out to write categorized training articles on violin playing to offer them to the interested readers.
In 2011, my article entitled "The Role and Place of Standard in Playing" gained the Letter of Commendation in "the First Iranian's Music Websites and Weblogs Festival" which was organized by the House of Music.also in 2012,a series of my articles entitled "principles of playing violin" gained the Letter of Commendation in 2nd Iranian Festival of Music-based Websites&Weblogs.
in 2013,a series of my articles entitled "Violin Fingering" won the 1rd award in the 3nd Iranian Festival of Music-based Websites&Weblogs.
This is my belief that writing about violin, especially in Iran, is both a challenging and new experience which suffers from lack of copyright laws. However, the strong points of this career, namely, organizing my knowledge, sharing it, contributing to the general development of violin playing, etc, has made me continue …

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